Resilience, why not?

Over the years, I have seen that exploring any difficult experience with others allows me to change and grow from it. Connections and stories tease out the fears created in separateness. Exploring and going beyond what I know individually, culturally, linguistically right now is my adventure. What nurtures the part of me, of us, that is up for that adventure? How do we overcome fears and create stories of resilience? How do I create relationships that work and support growth?

I write this blog because I have always believed there is joyfulness beating at the core of my life – it pushes through all of us and enlivens us, this life force inspires and warms us. In the midst of the difficult situations I have created to learn from (which I will write about) I strive to find the higher, the connected, the effective, the solution-finding, the generous, the joyful.

In these crazy times, why not strive for this resilience?

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