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Guided Meditation Evenings

These short and focused meditation sessions for those have been to Meditating with Olga Sessions before or have some experience of meditating and want to get “back on track” with your practice.

They are group guided meditation sessions designed to support you to let go of a busy day and remind you how to make time for going within and ‘keep the inner light on’.

We will follow an 8 week cycle to allow you to experiment with different meditation styles:

1. May 26th: A super simple and effective technique to bring conscious awareness and control to our breath…. and relax.

2. June 2nd: Box breathing, also known as square breathing, a powerful stress reliever which heightens concentration and calm.

3. June 9th: Blending breathing with visualization, a deeply calming meditation to learn to pause and breathe deeply.

4. June 16th: Yogic breathing, a breathing technique with tremendous benefits for calming the mind (especially if you like numbers).

5. June 23rd: A simple visualisation to unwind for the evening and stimulate our bodies’ healing power.

6. June 30th: A very simple mantra- an age old way to calm the mind and open the heart.

7. July 7th: A body scan mindfulness exercise to be aware of your body and be in the present moment.

8. July 14th: A metta or loving-kindness meditation, a Buddhist practice for happiness and health.

You are welcome to make a donation via PayPal to contact@meditatingwitholga.com


Meeting ID: 652 426 8672
Passcode: 174664