Upcoming Events

Online Wednesday and Thursday Guided Meditation Tasters

These short and focused guided meditation sessions are designed to support you to let go of a busy day and make time for you and your well-being.
All sessions are free. You are welcome to make a donation via PayPal to contact@meditatingwitholga.com
We will follow an 8 week cycle to allow you to experiment with and feel the benefits of different types of meditations:
20th/21st April: A super simple bringing of conscious awareness and control to our breath…. and relaxing.
27th/28th April: Box breathing, also known as square breathing, a powerful stress reliever which heightens concentration and calm.
4th/12th May: A deeply calming meditation to learn to slow down the breath and visualise ourselves into wholeness.
18th/19th May: We will practice a type of yogic breathing, a breathing technique with tremendous benefits for calming the mind (especially if you like numbers!)
25th/26th May: A simple visualisation perfect for unwinding for the evening and stimulating our bodies’ healing powers.
1st/2nd June: A very simple mantra – an age old way to calm mental chatter.
8th/9th June: A body scan mindfulness exercise to practice awareness and focus and be in the present moment.
15th/16th June: A metta meditation, a Buddhist practice for opening the heart and cultivating loving-kindness
Meeting ID: 652 426 8672
Passcode: 174664

Workshop: Mindfulness and Breath for health

7th May, 6.30pm at The Healing Well, 17 Gillibrand Street, Chorley.

We often get told to just take a deep breath and try to relax, but it really isn’t as easy or simple as that is it.

So what if we told you that you can. Wouldn’t that be lovely? To feel in control again. To learn techniques for relaxing mind and body and mastering your thoughts.

Breathing and mindfulness techniques have been proven to reduce stress, aid better sleep, improve health conditions involving chronic pain and relieve depression and anxiety.

We are inviting you to take back control, to value your health and well-being and to protect yourself against the busy, non-stop world in which we live.

Join meditation teacher Olga Gomez-Cash and Pilates therapy instructor Sarah Hunter for an evening of breathing techniques, muscle tension release, mindfulness and meditation.

Cost of event £12

To register follow link: https://gymcatch.com/app/provider/593/events/2405975

Wind-down and Replenish Friday Meditation Evenings

13th May, 27th May, 24th June, 15th July 2022

Wind down at the end of the week at The Healing Well, 17 Gillibrand Street, Chorley.
Wind down at the end of the week with simple and effective ‘step by step’ guided meditations, designed for the beginner and anyone who wants the support of accessible meditations. We will do breathing, visualisation and mindfulness meditations, to help us calm mind and body, lift the heart, unwind from the week, and relax us into a restorative weekend.
No special equipment, needed. You may bring a cushion if you wish to sit on the floor, and there are chairs for meditating on. Please wear comfortable clothes and just bring your curiosity!

Price of event: £10

In order to sign up to the event and pay, please follow the link below:

Online Sunday Meditation Mornings

22nd May, 19th June, 10th July, 31st July

The Sunday afternoon meditations are an opportunity to put aside time for you each three weeks to pause and reflect. Each session is a carefully crafted series of three meditation exercises. These 90 minute sessions will lift you out of daily life into a space of mindfulness through 15-20 minute meditations .

Some sessions are related to a specific theme, sometimes around nature and seasons of year, sometimes around qualities to embed in our lives. After being guided in these uplifting meditation exercises you will experience a profound state of peace & relaxation.
 Price of event: £5
Please register and pay on Gymcatch: https://gymcatch.com/app/provider/3794/events