Upcoming Events

Online Guided Meditation Drop-ins

Wednesday (6pm UK) and Thursday (7pm UK) 

These short guided meditation sessions will support you to make time for your well-being. 

We explore the benefits of different types of meditations so these sessions are perfect for the beginner!
2nd /3rd  – 23/24 August Four weeks of different breathing exercises
30/31 August -20/21st September Four weeks of different meditation traditions
Pay as you feel: you are welcome to make a donation to cover Zoom/Meetup subscription costs via PayPal to contact@meditatingwitholga.com
You can find out more or sign up via my page on Meetup: https://www.meetup.com/meditating_with_olga/ 
or simply join via Zoom
Meeting ID: 652 426 8672
Passcode: 174664  
Learn the Art of Meditation

Join us on Friday nights on: 

29th September, 13th October – 15th December

 a 5-week block is £40, individual sessions, £9 each

Over five 60 minute sessions the course explores a variety of meditation techniques. These will allow you to get the suport of a group to work out what works best for you to find your centre and your flow! This course has also proved popular with those wanting to get the support of a group and to reboot their meditation practice.
 The venue is DNPE, Unit 8 BRK Business Park, Euxton, Chorley, PR7 6HD.
To sign up please call 01257 826 587 or email info@dnpe.co.uk 

Online Sunday Meditation Mornings 

24th September – Harvest (for Autumn Equinox) 

15th October – Living Energy  (working with Chakras)

5th November – Transition to Winter (for Samhain)

26th November – Grounding (working with anxiety)

17th December – Manifesting (for Winter Solstice)

The Sunday morning meditations are an opportunity to put aside time for you to pause and reflect. Each session is a carefully crafted series of three meditation exercises of about 15-20 minutes.

Sessions have a specific theme, sometimes around connection to nature and seasons of year, sometimes around wisdom to embed in our lives, always about tapping into wellbeing and uplifting meditation exercises to experience a profound state of peace & relaxation.
 Price of event: £6
Please register and pay on