New (academic) year resolutions

October 2017

1. Make Time to write new lectures, to come prepared to meetings, to read around subjects, to write. To eat lunch outside your office. And to perform other acts of self-caring
2. Put the ‘higher’ in Higher Education
Be kind, always. In these times of division, anger and prejudice, shine brighter than you ever thought possible. To the world of spending cuts, casualisation and competition, bring collegiality. Nurture and protect the relationship between you, your colleagues and your students.
3. Be not afraid to call out.
Issues of pay, of the role of women, of fair workload, of lack of cooperation, of bullying etc will not go away unless you give your voice.
4. Bounce back.
You will inevitably get knocked off your resolutions. Start again.
5. Limit your online presence.
The allure of email and Facebook is all very well, and get some real work done and nourish your analogue life.
6. Step away from the job.
Recovery from the job at weekends and holidays is not ‘having a life’. There are other activities that define you. Do them unapologetically.
7. Keep focussed, determined and have fun!
Remember your success rate for surviving academic years so far is 100%. And that you have thrived and created some pretty good results along the way.2F4AE4A0-0CE9-49D6-9AA2-088AAC89B76E

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